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Meet YouR Artist

Paramedical Camouflage
Tattoo Artist

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My passion for helping others always came naturally. I'm a cancer survivor who got a second chance at life. After discovering Areola and nipple tattooing, and scar and stretch mark camouflaging  I knew it was something I wanted to learn. This allows me to give back in a way that's life changing to many. To be able to fully understand and relate to the process of what one has been through makes it much more meaningful to me. 

Cosmetic Ink VS Tattoo Ink


Cosmetic Ink- Cosmetic inks are smaller pigment particles that are suspended in a diluter. Using these pigments allows for a more softer, natural color. These type of pigments used are iron oxidees with water and glycerine added. They help in creating a more realistic finish. 


Tattoo Ink- Tattoo ink are pigments that are combined with a carrier. Tattoo ink is also filled with harsh chemicals such as nickel, lead, chromium, etc. Tattoo inks are much more concentrated, they are very bold and bright in color making it harder to create a more natural finish. 

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