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Everything You Need To Know

So you have a special events coming up, and want to be pampered?

Facial Packages


Cleansing, toner, and Moisturizing


20 Minutes

$65 per person


Cleanser, toner, exfoliation scrub, mask, and moisturizing 


30 Minutes


$75 per person


Cleanser, toner, exfoliation scrub, mask, moisturizing, neck and shoulder massage. 


50 Minutes

$85 per person

Company Payment Options


Company pays 100% 

Company and Employees

Company and employees share the cost.


Each employee pays for their own individual session.

Host Payment Options


Host pays 100%

Host and Guest

Host and guest share the cost between a few people all. 


Each person pays for their own session.

Additional Important Event Information

How It Works?

Glow Home Beauty provides all supplies and equipment that is needed to service your booked event. Once you have chosen which package and agreed to invoice. A service contract will be emailed to you. Once reviewed and signed your deposit will be due. In order to book and hold your reservation date a deposit of 50% of your invoice total will have to be paid. 



Traveling and Setup Fee

There is a $160 traveling and setup fee. This does not include any parking fees, or parking expenses. Any additional fees will have to be paid at the end of services. 

How Do We Setup?

Our technicians will arrive 60 minutes early to setup if you have chosen to have the treat table add on. Setups that don't include the treat table, our technicians will arrive 45 minutes early. Please allow enough available space for setting up for our stations. We provide everything that is needed to service for all facials. During the warmer weather we would be more than happy to setup outside. If the weather conditions are rain, snow, too windy, or too hot setting up outside is not an option.  

Waiting Fee 

There will be a waiting fee of $1.50 for each minute per technician that our technicians have to wait. If our technicians have to wait more than 30 minutes then we will have to cancel the booked event. If event is cancelled due to exceeding the waiting time no refunds of any kind will be given. Please keep in mind the longer the technicians has to wait it takes away from your booked time of your event resulting in shorter facials for each person. 

Payment Due

In order to book 50% of your total must be paid. If each guest is paying for their self, each guest can pay the host directly. Remaining balance is due in full one week before your scheduled event. If balance is not received one week before your scheduled event your event will be cancelled and no refunds of any kind will be given. If your event is cancelled for non payment of balance due to an emergency you may reschedule.To reschedule due to an emergency it must be done within one week from booked event.  Additional fees and gratuity must be paid at the end of services, we do not bill for additional fees. Fees must be paid in person. We do not accept cash payment. We only accept credit cards, or credit/debit for forms of payment. 


The suggested gratuity is 20% of the total bill balance

Right To Refuse Service

Glow Home Beauty has the right to refuse service. Glow Home Beauty and their employees have the right to refuse service if any safety issues are involved. The safety of our staff is always first here at Glow Home Beauty.

Cancelation Policy

Cancelations must be made one weeks before booked date. You are allowed one time to reschedule your facial party for another day as long it's being rescheduled one week before booked date that you are rescheduling. There are no refunds given if event is canceled, or if balance wasn't paid one week before booked event date. 

Furniture Moving

Host and guest are expected to move any furniture prior to our technicians arriving. We do not move any furniture of any kind. 

Damaged Property

Below is a list of fees for any property that is damaged  by the renter or their guest. 

Mocktail dispenser - $80

Mocktail stand - $40

Drinking glass - $8 each cup 

Table - $50 each table

Damaged Decor- Price varies depending on amount of damage caused


We do not give refunds. We take in consideration of our technicians time, materials, and products that were used. 


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