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  • What is paramedical tattooing?
    Paramedical tattooing is when a arist uses flesh color cosmetic ink to blend, conceal, and help minimize the appearance of a scar, or stretch mark. 3D areola and nipple tattooing is also a tattoo procedure that falls under paramedical tattooing.
  • What is a 3D areola tattoo?
    A 3D areola tattoo is a flat tattoo on the breast that's tattooed in the same spot as the original areola and nipple before having surgery. It is a 3D tattoo that looks and appears to the eye as a real life areaol and nipple. This tattoo is a permanent procedure.
  • How soon after breast surgeries can I have the 3D areola and nipple tattooing done?
    4-6 months after surgery you can have a 3D areola and nipple tattooing done. In some cases it may be longer due to how ones body heals, or other medical conditions a patient may have.
  • What is male breast cancer?
    Male breast cancer is a rare cancer that forms in the breast tissue of men. This can happen to any age group of men, but more common to happen to older men.
  • What are some reasons a man may have a 3D areola and nipple procedure done?
    A man may have a 3D areola and nipple procedure done after loosing a significant amount of weight. After having weight loss surgery a man may not have a areola and nipple. Another reason is after having breast surgery.
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