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Lip Neutralizing

What Is Lip Neutralization?

Lip neutralization is a treatment for those who have dark or cool tone lips. Lip neutralizing corrections the dark color by neutralizing and lightening the melanin in the lips. Each session is spaces out between 4-6 weeks depending one healing process. This service is for both men and women.

How Many Sessions Will I Need? 

The number of sessions needed is different for every person. It may take up to 1- 3 sessions to achieve the look wanted. In some cases addional sessions is needed. 


Procedure Price 

$650 touch up included only if scheduled 4-6 weeks from initial appointment  

Touchup Price 

6 weeks- 6 months $175

6- 12 months $275

12 months- After $475

How To Prep For Your Appointment

- When getting any procedure to the lips or around the lips can trigger a outbreak of cold sores. If a client has a history of cold sores you will be prone to getting them. A way to prevent that is by taking an anti-viral medication 3 days before your procedure, and 3 days after. Consult with your doctor in prescribing you Valtrex or Zovirax which are both anti-viral medications. 

- If you never had a cold sore it is advised you take L-lysine supplement 3 days before to help support your immune system. Any permanent makeup lip procedure can, cause you to get a cold sore. L-lysine is a supplement that can be brought over the counter

- Exfoliate lips  with a lip scrub the day before to remove any dead skin buildup. Do not over exfoliate, scrub, or damage the lip skin in anyway. 

- Avoid caffeine 24 hours prior to your appointment.

- Avoid smoking or any antibiotic therapy for at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment. If unavoidable contact your practitioner to further assist with advance and how to go about it. 

Avoid any form of lip procedure such as lip implants and fillers. Lip implants should be avoided 6 months before your procedure, and lip fillers 3 weeks before your procedure. 

- Avoid alcohol intake and blood thinner medications at least 24 hours prior to your procedure. 

- Remove all oral prercings and be sure to clean the area properly.  

-If you are or been on Accutane in the past you must wait at least 1 year before having this procedure done.

Healing Process

Your lips will be swollen and larger than normal. The swelling will last for a few hours, but no more than a day The pigment will be bold in color and will fade up to 50% . You can expect for the lips to feel dry and tender to touch. It is very important for you to keep the lips moistrized as much as possible for it will help the healing process. The final color will always heal soft and light in color. 

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